2017 NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue Calendar

Photographed & designed by our volunteer marketing team, proceeds of the sale of each limited-edition mini-calendar go to our vetting and rehabilitation fund—-helping us save even more Shih Tzu!

$19.95 per calendar
Measures 8.5″ x 13″
All orders will be shipped First Class mail
(Price includes shipping and MN State Taxes.)

(The NorthStar logo watermark on the above images does not appear on the printed product.)

A Note From Lin, Founder and President of NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue

When I founded NorthStar in 2012, it was to save the life of one dog. Since, our rescue has saved nearly 200 Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu blend dogs. All with the help and support of people like you. We take in dogs from all kinds of situations, but, as a No-Kill rescue, our biggest passions are those at greatest risk: the medically-challenged, seniors and puppy mill/breeder releases.

Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. It’s estimated that there are approximately 800,000 dogs being bred in puppy mills, producing 2.4 million puppies a year, making for a billion dollar industry. 99% of the puppies sold by pet stores are from a puppy mill. An estimated 25% of dogs entering shelters originate from puppy mills, contributing to the 4+ million dogs euthanized annually.

To date, nearly half of the Tzu who have entered our rescue originated in a puppy mill. Occasionally, one or two of these angels arrive and offer us a surprise: they’re pregnant. If they are able to carry their puppies to term, many of the puppies do not survive, their mothers having lived a harsh life of poor nutrition, improper breeding and no medical attention.

Sometimes, a miracle happens, and the puppies are born healthy in a loving foster home, where they are later able to go to a life never to know the horror their mother came from. The puppies in our calendar come from two puppy mill girls we rescued: Ellie Belle and Charlotte. Both delivered their final litters, weaned them, were spayed and are now living happily in their forever homes. This calendar is 12 reminders of all the lives our incredible volunteer team has saved—young, old and brand new.