Thank you for your interest in NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue. We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to the rescue, fostering and permanent home placement (adoption) of Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu Blend dogs. We believe it is important to be respectful and supportive of all the volunteers in our group. We also work cooperatively with other rescue and shelter groups. As a foster, you will be helping to save the lives of the dogs we rescue and sharing our mission with the public.  Please note: if you have unaltered dogs (not spayed or neutered), an invisible fence or smoke in your home, we will be unable to place a dog with you in foster care.

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If you live in a rental unit, we will need a letter from your landlord granting authority to foster a rescued dog on the property.

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Do you or anyone in your household smoke? (Allergies or breathing issues may prevent some of our dogs from being in homes with smokers.)
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Please list all residents in your home (including yourself) and their ages.

Care for Your Foster

Fostering a dog is a commitment that will require extra time from you including caring for and working with the dog until she/he is adopted.
Fostering requires patience and diligence. While NorthStar covers all costs, some dogs may require additional vetting, rehabilitation and training.

Have you fostered a dog before? (Previous fostering experience is not required, it does help us match your experience with a dog in need of fostering.)

If you answered yes, please briefly explain your previous fostering experience and any other rescue organizations you have worked with.

Number of hours your foster dog will be left alone during the day on average.

Are there other pets in your household? (Please provide species, breed, sex, spayed/neutered, and age.

Please let us know about the types of dogs you would like to foster. Would you foster dogs with special needs, behavior issues, senior dogs, easy dogs?

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Is there any other information you would like to share with us about your desire to foster or the type of Shih Tzu you would like to foster?


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I, the Foster, waive all claims, losses, or damages which may arise during the stay of the dog(s) in my care that may result in personal injury or property damage. I agree not to bring any legal action seeking remedy for personal injuries or property damage from acts by the dog(s) or information in the dog’s background which NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue had no knowledge about. This agreement extends to third parties.

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